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transmute_fluff rules!

Welcome to transmute_fluff!

If you'd like to participate in this fluff fic/art exchange, we'd love to have you! ♥ Just read the rules, and then sign up at the sign-up post when it's posted in... like... an hour NOW.

February 1: Sign-ups open
February 10 12: Sign-ups close
Around February 1012~17: Assignments sent via email
April 22: Submissions due!
May 6: Posting of fics and art begins
May 31: Posting of fics and art ends
Early June: Identities revealed!

Here's the rules! Which I... kind of mostly stole from spring_fluff (I also stole the fluff exchange idea from them hur hur), except I reworded mostly everything at an attempt to be sneaky about it. I'M SURE THEY FORGIVE ME ANYWAY.


1. Signups will last from February 1 to February 10 12. Assignments will be sent out within the following week.

2. You must be at least 14 years old to participate in this exchange.

3. You may not choose the person you wish to write/draw for; if you do make such a request, there is a 90% chance that we'll give you someone else out of spite. Same goes for choosing who writes/draws for you.

4. Fics and art must not exceed an R rating; sex scenes, should they be desired, may not be explicit. This is transmute_fluff, not transmute_smut, after all.

5. Fics must be at least 1000 words, and can be as long as ten gazillion words (in other words, there is no maximum length). Please also spellcheck your fics, and if you can get it beta-read, that's even better! The moderators reserve the right to reject/send back any fic/art if they are not up to the standards outlined.

6. Fics and art are to be sent to the moderators at transmute_fluff [at] gekidasa [dot] com by April 22. (If you send us any joke fics as an April Fool's joke please mark it as such so that we don't end up posting it.)

7. Posting will begin on May 1 and will continue through to the end of the month.

8. Don't try to post your own submission in the community. That defeats the purpose of an anonymous exchange. Also you don't have posting access so it's a futile effort anyway.

9. To preserve anonymity, you must not post your art or fic anywhere outside of this community before the participants' identities are revealed sometime in June. After that you are free to crosspost it wherever.

10. Lurkers/watchers are more than welcome! However, you cannot request fic/art unless you participate in the exchange and write/draw something for someone else.

11. To participate, post a comment to the sign-up post with the following information:

• Your LJ user name
• Your email address (mandatory!)
• Would you prefer to receive fic, art, or do you have no preference?
• Are you planning on producing fic, art, or do you have no preference?
• Your preferred canon (manga, anime, movie), if you prefer one over the other(s)

• For the fic/art you want written or drawn for you:
1. Three to five of your preferred pairings (Please use the characters' names; don't just list terms like "503" or "Hyde" and expect everyone to know what you're talking about. You don't necessarily have to list pairings if you want gen fic/art, just name your preferred character[s].)
2. The type of fluff you like to read (Kissing, cuddling, make-out fic, get-together fic, hand-holding, established relationships, introspective fluff, fluffy angst, etc.)
3. What you DON'T want to read (In terms of type of fluff, genre, or anything else.)
4. Anything else you want included in your fic or art

• For the fic/art you are going to write or draw for someone else:
1. Any characters or pairings you refuse to write or draw
2. Any genres you refuse to write or draw (Be specific, as it will be assumed that you can write anything not mentioned here!)
3. Any ratings you refuse to write or draw (Remember that only fics and art with ratings G-R are allowed.)

You must state at least three pairings to give the author or artist some room to work with. A good example of a signup would be the following (though you can be more long-winded if you'd like):

• I prefer to recieve fic.
• I prefer to write fic.
• Manga or anime, but not movie

• For the fic/art you want written or drawn for you:
1. Ed/Winry, Roy/Hawkeye, Ling/Ranfan,
2. I like hand-holding, cuddling, and light kisses
3. No OOC-ness, please. No angst unless of the Ishbal variety. I prefer Roy/Hawkeye in manga canon instead of anime.
4. I love snow. Also cameos by Scar = insta-win.

(For the record, this isn't necessarily what I would request, it's just an example.)

12. Submitted fics and art should be sent with the following information:

Author/Artist (this is for our record keeping purposes only; we will remove your name from the headers before we post your fic to the community)
Disclaimer (if different from the standard)
Warnings (if any)
Author's or Artist's notes (if any)- Please make sure if you want to thank a beta to disguise their name as betas can be traced to specific authors. If you do not do this, we can simply change the thanks to the beta's initial for you to help maintain anonymity.


• Any questions can be emailed to transmute_fluff [at] gekidasa [dot] com, or left as a comment somewhere where one of us (umeko_pyon or csakuras) will find it. We will try to answer any and all questions as soon as possible. :3

• It would PROBABLY be a good idea to join/friend the community so that you can be notified of any updates.

• All fics should be submitted as .doc or .txt documents, with any html tags included.

• All art should be submitted as an attachment to an email. Any common image format accepted by the usual image uploading clients is allowed (ie - .jpg, .png, .gif, etc).

• Please be aware that if necessary, we may have to give your fic or art to someone other than the person you were assigned. If someone drops out of the fest, before calling for backup writers or artists we may go to take a look at the finished assignments and see if they can be re-assigned. If we end up having to give your fic or art to a person other than the one you thought you were writing/drawing for, we will let you know prior to posting it.

• Please note that these rules are subject to revision.

:3 ♥

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